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System i file conversion allows you to convert your spooled files to various file formats – excel, pdf or xml. Contact us to learn more about our software solutions.

System i Information Management Made Easy With CoolSpools Software

Posted on July 11, 2013at 12:46 pm

Are you getting the most from your System i environment? Is your data managed, extracted and communicated in the most efficient manner? Or do you feel like your System i databases and spool files could be working harder for you?

If so, the CoolSpools (http://www.coolspools.com/) software suite could be just what you need, as we provide system i information management.

Developed by IBM as400 experts Ariadne, CoolSpools is the complete System i information management solution. With CoolSpools you can manage emails, administer spool files, and convert database and spool extracts to System i PDF, Excel, XML, HTML and many other formats.

Here’s an overview of the four powerful packages on offer from CoolSpools – and how they could help you make the most of your System i environment…

Database extracts to suit you

Extracting information from your System i database into Excel, HTML or XML is so much easier thanks to CoolSpools Database. All as400 database files are supported, and if used in conjunction with CoolSpools Spool Converter it can even extract data from your database into PDFs.

Spool file administration

Get full control over your System i spool files with this powerful administration software. With automated conversion, distribution and management tools, the ability to work with online AS/400 spool files, plus the option to run the same command against multiple iSeries spools, you’ll have unprecedented, unparalleled control over your System i spool files.

Convert spool to Excel, PDF and more… 

Perhaps the most impressive of CoolSpools’ tools is its spool file converter. Convert spool to Excel, PDF or XML. Split your as400 Excel files or PDFs into multiple documents – or append them to existing documents. Insert conditional formatting into System i Excel files, or images into your iSeries PDFs. There’s so much it can do – and it’s so easy to use.

Flexible email management tools 

Once you’ve converted your System i spool file to your required format, such as iSeries PDF or Excel, you’ll want to ensure the right people receive the right files, and at the right time. Here’s where CoolSpools’ email management software comes in. The software is highly customisable, allowing for up to 32 attachments, and emails can be sent via the command line or from programs via API.

Each of the four pieces of CoolSpools software can be purchased individually, but buy them together and not only will you have a complete as400 informational management suite at your fingertips, you’ll also make huge savings.

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your System i environment with CoolSpools software and you won’t believe you ever managed without it.

System i Document Creation: Your Problems Solved with CoolSpools Software

Posted on June 26, 2013at 4:10 pm

When communicating information throughout your business, there are several factors to consider. Accuracy is, of course, a given. You want to ensure the right people are given the right information, without being distracted or confused by extraneous details. And you’ll need to ensure its well-presented and easy to digest.

Your spool files can provide all the accurate data you need – but manipulating the data into the right format can be a painstaking, time-consuming task. But help is at hand with spool file converter software – and if you’re using an IBM System i (e.g. AS/400 or iSeries) environment, CoolSpools software makes it all so easy.

Developed by well-established IT experts Ariadne , CoolSpools is a powerful, simple and reliable System i file conversion tool. CoolSpools software can convert AS/400 spool filea to Excel, PDF and XML.

Here are just a few of the many AS/400 document creation problems that become a thing of the past with CoolSpools…

PROBLEM: You need to produce documents including several images, such as a company logo, diagrams, forms or perhaps even photography. Inserting and formatting the images within your documents is a time-consuming process you’d rather avoid.

HOW COOLSPOOLS CAN HELP: Inserting images into System i PDFs is a doddle with CoolSpools. Simply tell CoolSpools where to insert the JPEG or GIF format images as it converts your spool to PDF.

PROBLEM: You’re producing a report for multiple recipients, but each recipient must only receive the part of the report that’s relevant to them. For example you may require invoices for multiple clients, or sales reports for managers covering different areas.

HOW COOLSPOOLS CAN HELP: When converting spool to Excel or PDF, tell CoolSpools the points at which the files need to be split – such as region name or invoice number. CoolSpools will split System i Excel output into separate files for you, saved in separate folders. Or it’ll split your converted System i PDFs into several documents, and can even email them to multiple email addresses.

PROBLEM: Your spool files contain a large amount of data you intend to use to populate your website. You need an easy way to import the data without manually re-entering it.

HOW COOLSPOOLS CAN HELP: CoolSpools’ powerful spool file converter can automatically generate XML from your spool files for your web applications to access. This saves time on reprogramming the data, and as it’s coming from your spool files, the accuracy and integrity of your data is assured.

These are just a handful of the ways the CoolSpools software can help you produce clear, accurate and visually-attractive documents from your AS/400 data extracts. Find out more about what CoolSpools could do for you, and the reason it’s already a global success, at www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk.

Converting System i Spool Files: 5 Great Reasons to Choose CoolSpools Software

Posted on June 26, 2013at 4:07 pm

If you use your IBM System i (or AS/400 or iSeries) spool files to populate documents or feed web applications, you’ll know there are a number of spool file converters on the market, each making bold claims about how it’s the most powerful, most fully-featured or easiest to use.

With this in mind, you may take our claim that CoolSpools really IS the most powerful, most fully-featured, easiest to use System i spool file converter with a pinch of salt.

But wait. Hear us out.

Created by well-established global IT solutions providers Ariadne Software, there’s a compelling case to be made that CoolSpools software really is the best there is. So here are five compelling reasons why CoolSpools is the number 1 IBM System i file conversion solution:

REASON 1: CoolSpools can convert your AS/400 data extract to a multitude of file formats

There are so many different reasons why you may wish to convert your AS/400 data extract. You might want to convert spool to Excel for invoices or sales reports. You might want to convert spool to PDF for briefing documents. You may want to produce AS/400 XML to populate web applications. CoolSpools can handle all of the above – as well as converting spools to text, CSV, HTML, RTF or TIFF.

REASON 2: CoolSpools software does not require a PC to convert from spools

With CoolSpools, all of your spool file conversion is handled in System i – but you can, of course, access your converted iSeries PDF, XML and Excel files via a PC if you wish.

REASON 3: CoolSpools can deal with many different iSeries spool file formats

Whether your spool files are *SCS, *AFPDS, *IPDS, *USERASCII, *LINE or *AFPDSLINE format, CoolSpools can easily convert them into the file format you need.

REASON 4: Comprehensive System i file conversion features

There’s so much CoolSpools can do with your converted spool files – and it’s all so simple. Whether you need to split your iSeries PDF or Excel file into multiple documents (and email them to multiple recipients), drop unwanted sections from your converted files, insert JPEGs of GIFs, or password protect your converted System i PDF, CoolSpools makes it simple.

REASON 5: Powerful features unique to CoolSpools

CoolSpools can also perform tasks that no other System i file conversion solution can handle. For example, with CoolSpools you can append your converted iSeries Excel or PDF file to an existing document – even if it wasn’t created using CoolSpools. As far as we’re aware, no other AS/400 file conversion tool can do this.

If we’ve convinced you that CoolSpools is the ultimate IBM System i file conversion solution, or you’d like to find out more about what it can do for you, visit www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk.

Spool File Converters: What They Are, What They Do and How They Can Help Your Business

Posted on June 01, 2013at 12:02 pm

If your business uses an AS/400 (System i) environment, are you sure you’re using it to its full potential?

Could you be making better use of your data extracts? Maybe you’re wasting time performing tasks that could be automated – and as we all know, wasted time is wasted money.

Spool file conversion software can make life much easier for you. And the most powerful AS/400 spool file converter on the market is CoolSpools, produced by well-established global System i experts Ariadne Software (www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk).

Here’s a quick look at what CoolSpools could do for you…

What is a spool file converter?

Simple! A spool file converter is a piece of software that takes your spooled System i files and coverts them from a hard-to-understand data extract into an easy-to-read document, in the format of your choice e.g. spool file to PDF.

What formats can CoolSpools export to?

With CoolSpools software, you can perform System i file conversion to a number of popular formats. Want to convert spool to Excel? Consider it done. Convert spool to PDF? Not a problem. Export your AS/400 data extract to XML? Piece of cake! CoolSpools’ reliable software makes it all so simple.

How much control do I have over the converted files?

Plenty. If you need conditional formatting and color-coding in your System i Excel files, that can be automated. Need images, text formatting and other style features in your iSeries PDFs? CoolSpools can do it. Want to split your System i PDF into multiple documents? Tell CoolSpools where to split, and it’ll split it for you. CoolSpools can also merge the System i PDF and Excel files it creates with your existing documents – even if they weren’t created in CoolSpools.

Sounds impressive. But how does a spool file converter help my business?

By creating documents direct from your AS/400 data extract, the accuracy and integrity of your data is assured. By automating the document production process, you’re saving time – and therefore you’re saving money. And the incredible levels of flexibility and customization offered by CoolSpools means that you can get the information you need, in the format you need, whenever you need it.

Output the latest sales figures to an AS/400 Excel spreadsheet. Produce an attractive AS/400 PDF to present to clients, complete with company branding. Import iSeries XML into web applications rather than manually entering data. You can do all this – and much more – with the easy-to-use CoolSpools software.

This is really just scratching the surface of how CoolSpools’ powerful information management software will boost your productivity. Find out more at www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk.

The Importance of Accuracy and Presentation: Make Both Easy with AS/400 Spool File Conversion

Posted on May 23, 2013at 12:00 pm

When compiling reports, documents and presentations, it goes without saying that accuracy is imperative. If your reported stats and data are flawed, not only could it lead to professional embarrassment, you could also be responsible for bad business decisions – with potentially costly consequences. 

If your business uses an IBM System i (AS/400) environment, there are powerful System i file conversion tools that can take your AS/400 spool and convert it to several different formats. Using such a spool file converter, accurate data is assured.

But don’t forget – as well as accuracy, great presentation is essential. And it’s here where Ariadne Software and CoolSpools shine.

Ariadne (www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk) are well-established global experts in all things System i. Their CoolSpools software offers a simple and reliable way of converting AS/400 spools to PDF, AS/400 Excel, AS/400 XML and more. Here’s why presentation matters – and how CoolSpools gets it right.

Documents that aren’t easy to read don’t get read

Businesspeople are busy. They need information quickly, accurately and in a way that they can digest fast. If your converted spools need a degree in cryptology to follow, they’ll be ignored. Manually manipulating the AS/400 output is one solution, but it’s incredibly time-consuming.

With CoolSpools, you have complete control over the formatting. Need to convert spool to Excel? No problem – and you can easily add styles and conditional formatting to make your System i Excel files easy to follow. Want to convert AS/400 to PDF? Easy! And you can create an index to make your document so easy to follow. You can also split your System i PDF or Excel files into multiple documents, combine them with existing documents, and tell CoolSpools what to leave out and what to leave in – making sure the recipient gets all the info they need, and only the info they need.

Stay on brand and retain your corporate identity

In today’s business world, branding is paramount. While it may be of little importance in your role, the marketing team will explode with rage if the documents you present don’t adhere to brand guidelines – especially they are to be circulated outside the business.

CoolSpools will ensure your converted spools won’t offend your brand police. If you covert spool to PDF, it’s so easy to incorporate images and logos in JPEG or GIF format, as well as ensuring you’re using the correct typefaces. Not only will the recipient of your iSeries PDF be impressed with the accuracy of information – they’ll also be delighted you’ve stayed on brand!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CoolSpools, the complete information management system for IBM System i.

For more information on how you can convert spool to PDF, AS/400 Excel or iSeries XML using CoolSpools’ simple spool file conversion software, and the many other wonderful features CoolSpools can offer you, visit www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk.

Is This The Most Powerful Spool File Converter Yet? Convert Your AS/400 Spooled Files With CoolSpools

Posted on April 24, 2013at 9:45 am

If you work within an AS/400 environment, wouldn’t it be great if you could take your spooled files and use them to communicate information across multiple channels? Wouldn’t you like to convert spool to PDF, or convert spool to Excel, and have the output files perfectly formatted and ready to go?

IBM experts’ Ariadne’s CoolSpools software (www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk) can provide your users with the right information, at the right time, in the right format. This powerful spool file converter can convert spool to Excel, iSeries PDF, iSeries XML and many other popular file formats. It provides a simple, reliable way to take an AS/400 data extract and turn it into end-user friendly documents whenever and however you need it.

But CoolSpools is no mere spool file converter. It offers powerful functionality that puts it way ahead of other AS/400 spool conversion tools. Here’s how it can help you transform the way you share information…

Split your spooled files into several documents

If you’re converting spool to Excel, for example for financial reports, you might want to split your System i Excel output files by date, region or product. Or perhaps you’d like to output AS/400 to PDF, but split into several System iPDF files. CoolSpools can split your AS/400 data extract into multiple documents – and each can be emailed to different recipients.

Merge and combine files

Maybe you need to merge several of your AS/400 PDF files into one document. You might want to append your converted AS/400 PDF to an existing PDF – one that wasn’t necessarily produced using CoolSpools. Or perhaps you’d like to add your newly-created AS/400 Excel file as a new worksheet in an existing Excel file. CoolSpools makes all of this simple – and as far as we’re aware, no other System i file conversion software offers you this functionality.

Format files however you like

After converting spool to Excel, you might need to format the document with color, borders, fonts or conditional formatting. CoolSpools can handle all of this, without having to reopen your Excel document to manually amend it. And after you convert spool to PDF, do you need to incorporate images such as corporate logos, watermarks or contact forms? CoolSpools has it covered.

Populate your website with AS/400 XML output

CoolSpools can do more than convert AS/400 spools for end user documentation. Its powerful iSeries XML conversion can output data that can be used to populate your website. No need to reprogram – just import the AS/400 XML direct.

So, do you need to convert spool to Excel? Convert spool to PDF? Or output XML? CoolSpools can do all of this and more – as well as formatting the output in a way that suits you.

And remember, CoolSpools software is created by Ariadne Software, well-established global experts in providing System i solutions – so you can trust it to be reliable as well as powerful.

Find out more at http://www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk.

Think the Paperless Office is a Myth? With the AS/400 and CoolSpools, it’s a Reality…

Posted on April 19, 2013at 8:31 am

Over the last few decades, how many times have we been promised a paperless office? A utopian way of working with all documents stored and shared electronically? Yet for most of us, our desks are still overflowing with piles of paper. But with today’s spool file conversion technology, it doesn’t have to be this way.  

If your business uses an IBM System i server (formerly and more commonly known as the AS/400 series), you can convert its spooled files to a wide variety of other popular document formats, which can then be easily shared and viewed electronically. However, to produce these documents, you need the right information management software.  

Introducing CoolSpools, a powerful spool file converter. CoolSpools is a flexible product designed by Ariadne Software (www.ariadnesoftware.co.uk), who are a well-established, global provider of information solutions for System i environments.   

CoolSpools software makes converting AS/400 spool files to Excel, PDF, XML and other document types a simple, reliable task.  

Here are just some of the ways using the CoolSpools spool converter can make sharing, distributing and understanding information so much easier…  

Convert spool to Excel 

Outputting AS/400 Excel is perfect if you need to produce and share sales data or other financial reports. CoolSpools software offers powerful manipulation tools to make your System i Excel documents readable and understandable, such as splitting your spooled files into multiple Excel tabs or multiple Excel documents. CoolSpools even supports formatting your AS/400 Excel documents for easier reading, with colors, fonts, shadings, borders and even conditional formatting all supported.  

Convert spool to PDF 

CoolSpools can also output AS/400 PDF documents. But it does so much more than simply convert your spool file to PDF. You can set parameters to split your PDFs into multiple documents, using criteria such as customer number or region. You can append your System i PDF to an existing PDF, even if it wasn’t created by CoolSpools. And you can even password protect your iSeries PDF, so sensitive data will only be seen by the people you want to see it.  

Output spool file as XML 

You can also convert AS/400 to XML, then use your iSeries XML files to import data into web applications. By producing AS/400 XML from your spooled files, you won’t have to input or reprogram the data – saving you time and money.   

Of course, all document formats converted from your iSeries spools can easily be shared and viewed digitally – so why bother with paper?  

So to save time, save money and finally banish paper documents to the trashcan of history, take a look at CoolSpools’ powerful System i file conversion solutions.