system i file conversion

System i File Conversion

System i File Conversion – CoolSpools Database extracts data

Product Highlights: Key Features:
CoolSpools Database offers System i file conversion, it distributes System i data quickly, conveniently and cost effectively, it extracts data from system i database files to a variety of formats, including Excel, XML and fully searchable PDFs.

CoolSpools Database distributes queries, reports and database extracts to your users and customers in electronic form. It avoids the need to run file transfers from a PC by creating Excel files etc. directly on your system i, letting you generate data extracts as part of your batch jobs, just by running a single command.

All database file types are supported, including physical, logical and DDM files..

CoolSpools Database also supports input from SQL statements, SQL scripts and queries, allowing you to run a query and save the output as an Excel spreadsheet.

The use of XML is becoming increasingly widespread so the ability to generate XML from Spool files and database files is a major advantage to System i users. With CoolSpools the process of creating XML files from your system i data is simple and reliable as everything happens on the system i.

  • Extract data from your System i databases directly or using SQL or Query
  • Import data into your System i databases from spreadsheets etc.
  • Field selection and sequencing
  • Record selection and sequencing
  • Use styles to control the appearance of Excel rows and cells
  • Use colours, fonts, shading, borders etc. and define conditional formatting rules
  • Generate XML documents, schemas and stylesheets
  • Interface your data into other systems

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