CoolSpools Email sends email straight from your IBM System i.

Product Highlights: Key Features:
CoolSpools Email sends email straight from your IBM System i (AS/400, system i), enabling you to distribute reports and documents to users and customers as email attachments, quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

For reliable and consistent communications many customers use CoolSpools Email to distribute customer quotes and invoices. Emails can contain up to 32 attachments which can be database file members or stream files from any IFS file system.

Using CoolSpools you can split a spool file up into multiple PDFs (Excel files, etc.) and email each file to a different person/list of people, for example if the spool file is a batch of customer invoices, each invoice can be to be sent to the relevant customer as a PDF. Or maybe the spooled file is a sales report by region, you can email the relevant section of the report as a spreadsheet to the salesforce for the region in question.

CoolSpools Email provides a simple but powerful command for sending emails from the command line or CL programs. You can create an email based on a previous email and resend an email exactly as it was originally sent, complete with attachments.

Plus there is an API available for more sophisticated applications and for sending emails from programs.

  • Convert spool files to PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, HTML, TIFF & RTF
  • Send emails from your system i using a simple command or an API
  • Support for multiple attachments
  • Support for long file names
  • Attachments can come from anywhere in the IFS
  • Send data extracts and alert messages
  • Send calendar invitations to Outlook, Gmail etc.
  • Facilities for saving and re-sending emails
  • Integrates with CoolSpools Converter and Database to allow output to be emailed directly

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