CoolSpools Software

Powerful information management suite for IBM system i file conversion

CoolSpools is easy to use but also immensely powerful. CoolSpools helps you give your users and customers the right information, at the right time, and, just as importantly, in the right format.

CoolSpools addresses issues such as:

  • sending documents to customers by email without having to change print programs
  • publishing company reports on a corporate server so they can be archived and accessed easily from a PC
  • producing Excel files from the system i without having to rely on users or operators to run file transfers

CoolSpools runs entirely on the system i and does not need a PC to produce PDFs, Excel files etc., though these can then be easily accessed from a PC.

CoolSpools comprises the product options listed below. Options can be purchased individually, or you can purchase the entire suite and obtain a major discount.

See our Data Sheet for further details. Why not download the no-obligation 30-day free trial now?

spool_convertor_square210x176Converts spooled files to a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, XML, text, CSV, TIFF and HTML.

All spooled types supported, including AFP, IPDS and HP PCL (*USERASCII): many similar products only support simple SCS spooled files.

Supports: overlays, page segments, line and box graphics, images, color, barcodes

Allows splitting spooled files into multiple documents without the need to change your applications (e.g. create a new PDF or spreadsheet/worksheet on change of order number)

Merges PDFs.


Lets you extract data from your system i database files and supply it to your users in the form they need it, such as an Excel spreadsheet, CSV or similar delimited file, XML, HTML table or text file.

Also works with SQL, Query and QM Query to let you save the output from those tools as one of these formats

Avoids the need to run file transfers from a PC by creating Excel files etc. directly on your system i, letting you generate data extracts as part of your batch jobs, just by running a single command.


Sends email from your system i, enabling you to distribute reports and documents to users and customers as email attachments, quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Supports attachments from anywhere in the IFS, including database file members.

Supports multiple attachments.

Simple command or powerful API available.

Build email address lists (mailing lists)

Build email address directories (address books).


Lets you manage your spooled files:

Automatically, as they are created, using rules that you define to tell it what to do with each type of file

In batch, enabling you to select a set of spooled files and apply one or more operations to each of them in turn, e.g. convert all spooled files on a specified outq to PDF, or delete all spooled files over n days old etc.

Online, using a simple but highly powerful and customizable work-with display.