Case Studies

Coolspools Software by Ariadne is a worldwide provider of software solutions for the IBM i platform. We supply, develop and support the CoolSpools family of products.

CoolSpools is an easy to use, cost effective solution which enables the automated transfer of data and documents to employees, customers and suppliers. It converts spool files and database files to PDF, Excel and other formats, enabling you to move away from paper-based documents and save time and money by distributing information automatically in electronic formats.

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Please see a few case studies below:

CoolSpools Case Study – Global Clothing Business

Our client provides consumers around the world with its diverse portfolio of iconic lifestyle brands. Founded over 100 years ago, they are one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies with operations spanning numerous geographies, product categories and distribution channels. CoolSpools is used in several ways at the company:

  1. As an add on to their custom software, specifically for Inventory tracking and website feeds.
  2. All Inventory reporting is emailed to many users (using CoolSpools’ email address lists) as spreadsheets, created from both DB files and SQLs using CoolSpools’ Conversion to Excel Spreadsheet software.
  3. Several CSV files are sent to third party application suppliers, using CoolSpools’ Conversion to CSV software.
  4. For daily website processing, an XML file, created using the database-to-XML mapping tool in CoolSpools, is sent to a third party.
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Case Study: Take 2

Take Two is a leader in providing automated information management products and services for administration in school districts and colleges across Canada. Their Comprehensive Information Management System (CIMS) manages everything needed in a school division from Employee, Finance, Student, Public and Warehouse Management which enables Take Two to offer a very powerful combination of Software, Consulting, Development, Hardware Services, and Support. The business is celebrating it’s 30th year of operation in 2017 and prides itself in listening and reacting to customer needs. Take Two sees Ariadne Software as a key business partner as it’s customers have successfully relied on the CoolSpools software suite for many years to convert their reports and images to pdfs, and to allow email/file transfer distribution from iSeries software. They have 11 districts across Canada from Manitoba to British Columbia using CIMS and CoolSpools, meaning thousands of u


CoolSpools Case Study – DUO, Netherlands

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) is the executive arm of the Netherlands national government for education. DUO finances and informs participants in education and educational institutions and organises examinations. DUO uses CoolSpools for sending emails from IBM i partitions because prior to release 7.1 there was no native tool that would let you send emails with IFS based attachments. Most of the attachments are .zip files and .pdf files – the .zip files are created by DUO’s own software, the .pdf files via standard CPYSPLF functionality. The emails with attachments are used for both internal and external communications. Ivar Eizenga – DUO’s IBM Power Infrastructure Manager says “Implementation using CoolSpools was pretty simple and working with CoolSpools and the support team has been brilliant so far. We’re currently moving our systems from


CoolSpools Case Study – DiVal Safety Equipment

Spool to PDF conversions help DiVal Safety Equipment, a large, US based distributor of safety and industrial products. They own and operate several offices and warehouses throughout the Eastern, Central & Southern United States.

How does DiVal use CoolSpools?

DiVal have hundreds of automated spool to PDF conversions for such things as emailing invoices, statements, purchase orders, acknowledgements, etc. and they are also starting to use CoolSpools to archive day-end reports which have historically been bound and stored.

CoolSpools is used by DiVal to convert (to PDF) and email artwork held on the IFS for their silk screening, needlework and tool repair processes and their team have written a CL with a prompt for a query name/library and email address, so that any member of staff who uses Query/400 can send & receive worksheets via email.

To achieve a workflow solution DiVal use RPG XML to create HTML which is put into the SNDCMN or


CoolSpools Case Study – Bogod and Co (Bernina)

Established in 1895, Bogod and Co Ltd are importers and distributors of sewing machines and the UK representative of the high-end Bernina sewing machines of Switzerland and the iconic Singer sewing machines. Bogod & Co originally used CoolSpools to create PDF files from AS400 Spool files using the splitting function. Over the years their use of the product suite has increased and now they use CoolSpools to: - Include graphics on outputs to create invoices and stationery that are used for customer communications and internal archiving. - Email PDF’s. - Generate Excel spreadsheets and html for business reporting - Create and email Excel for sending information to suppliers e.g. purchase orders. - Create order status xml AS400 reports for customers, for example John Lewis Director Stephen Bogod says “CoolSpools is very function rich and meets essential business requirements. It’s very well designed for integration with AS400 applications. Working with the CoolSpools team has been an excellent experience. The support team ar