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CoolSpools helps you give your users and customers the right information, at the right time, and, just as importantly, in the right format.

While CoolSpools Spool Converter gives you the functionality to converts a system i (AS/400, system i) spooled file to a variety of formats, such as PDF and Excel, and CoolSpools Database lets you extract data from your database files in Excel, XML, CSV, HTML and text formats, CoolSpools Email lets you email those files to users and customers, or send other email messages with or without attachments.

  • Integrates with CoolSpools Spool Converter and CoolSpools Database
    • Send PDF, Excel files etc. created by CoolSpools Spool Converter as attachments directly from the conversion command (CVTSPLPDF, CVTSPLXLS etc.)
    • Send Excel files, XML documents etc. created by CoolSpools Database as attachments directly from the conversion command (CVTDBXL, CVTDBFXML etc.)
  • Send emails from the command line or from programsSNDCMNMSG command provides a simple but powerful command for sending emails from the command line or CL programs.API available for more sophisticated applications and for sending emails from programs.
  • Multiple attachmentsSupports up to 32 attachments on the SNDCMNMSG commandUp to 4096 attachments supported by the APISNDDST just allows a single attachment!
  • Attachments can come from anywhere in the IFSAttachments can be database file members or stream files from any IFS file system.SNDDST only supports file members and /QDLS!
  • Supports long file namesAttachments can have long, meaningful names which do not have to be the original file nameSNDDST only supports 10 character or 8.3 character names!
  • Send calendar invitations to OutlookSend calendar invitations in either vCal or iCal formatCompatible with OutlookSchedule meetings, appointments etc.
  • Facilities for saving and re-sending emailsCreate an email based on a previous emailRe-send an email exactly as it was originally sent, complete with attachments, using RSNCMNMSG (Re-send Email Message)