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CoolSpools helps you give your users and customers the right information, at the right time, and, just as importantly, in the right format.

While CoolSpools Spool Converter gives you the functionality to converts a system i (AS/400, system i) spooled file to a variety of formats, such as PDF and Excel, and CoolSpools Email lets you email those files to users and customers, CoolSpools Spool Admin provides an infrastructure that lets you manage convert, multiple and distribute spooled files, either:

  • OnlineWRKSPLFPDM (Work with Spooled Files PDM-style) is simple and familiar but highly powerful and customizable “work-with” screen for spooled files that lets system operators and users manage, convert and email the spooled files they produce.Includes features such as:
    • Select spooled files by user, outq, user data, form type, creation date etc. etc.
    • User-defined options
    • Customizable standard options e.g. 10=Convert to PDF, 21=Email as Excel etc.
    • Sort by name or date
    • F13=Repeat option to end of list
  • In batchThe RUNSPLFCMD (Run Spooled File Commands) command lets you select sets of spooled files to work on using various criteria and allows you to apply a command or sequence of commands to each of those selected spooled files in turn.For example, select all spooled file on a given output queue and convert all to PDF, with one command.Or select all spooled files over 30 days old and archive them, then delete them, again with a single command.
  • AutomaticallyProcess spooled files automatically as soon as they are created.CoolSpools Spool Admin lets you define spooled file monitors that “watch” nominated output queues for new files being created.No polling involved: system loading is minimal.New spooled files that are detected are evaluated against spooled file rules that you define to determine what type of spooled file has been found and what should be done with it.Those spooled files can then be automatically processed by:
    • running a standard, customizable option such as 10=Convert to PDF or 21=Email as Excel
    • running a user-defined option
    • running any command string, which might call a program, move, delete, send, convert or archive the spooled file etc.
    • any combination of the above in the form of a user-written spooled file script