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Convert and distribute spool files to PDF and Excel – CoolSpools Admin

How does CoolSpools Admin help you spool files to pdf and excel? How does it help you manage, convert and distribute these files? See more details below:

Product Highlights: Key Features:
CoolSpools Admin lets you manage, convert and distribute spool files to PDF & Excel.Spool files can be processed automatically as soon as they are created, as the system lets you define spool file monitors that “watch” nominated output queues for new files being created. There is no polling involved so the system loading is minimal.

New spool files are evaluated against spool file rules that you define to determine what type of spool file has been found and what should be done with it. Those spool files can then be automatically processed by running:

  • Standard, customizable options e.g. 10=Convert to PDF or 21=Email as Excel
  • User-defined options
  • Command strings e.g. to call a program to archive the spool file
  • Your own scripts

In batch mode CoolSpool Admin commands let you select sets of spool files to work on using various criteria and allows you to apply a command or sequence of commands to each of those selected spool files in turn. For example, you can select all spool files over 30 days old and archive them, then delete them, all with a single command.

CoolSpools Admin contains a highly powerful and customizable “work-with” screen for spool files in the style of PDM, that lets system operators and users manage, convert and email the spool files they produce. It includes features to select spool files by user, outq, user data, form type, and creation date. Plus there are many user- defined options.

    • Automatic conversion, distribution and management of spool files
    • Work with spool files online
    • Select batches of spool files and run the same command against each

“We have purchased your software to archive our invoices. It has been working perfectly for over a year now with no maintenance whatsoever. I do not have to keep “fixing” it or taking a look at it, and I like that. Once I installed it, and got it to do what I want it to do, I basically forgot about it. It’s like the Energizer bunny, it keep going and going and going … Simply put, CoolSpools is really Cool”

George Sabbag, Dixie Group, Georgia, USA

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