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CoolSpools Spool Converter

CoolSpools Spool Converter: CoolSpools software allows you to convert any unused spool files to a format of your choice, whether that be PDF, Excel or other. Find out more, read the articles below:

Securing your files with Password Protection

Posted on December 05, 2018at 1:13 pm

You are probably aware that CoolSpools provides a suite of commands to convert from a secure IBM i (AS400, iSeries) SpoolFile, Query or database table to a multitude of file formats, but did you know that it also provides a mechanism to secure those files with password protection?

secure IBM i pdfThe CoolSpools PDF conversion commands CVTSPLPDF, CVTDBFPDF and MRGPDF all include parameters to password protect the generated PDF file using Adobe Acrobat functionality, and a new CoolSpools command LCKXLS allows you to leverage native MS Excel functionality to password protect any XLS or XLSX file stored on the IFS or a network folder accessible to the secure IBM i server.

Any other file types that do not natively support password protection, such as plain text files, can also be secured by compressing them into a password protected ZIP file using the CoolSpools command ZIPDTA.

For additional security, all of these commands provide the option to specify an encrypted password, so that the password value visible within your CL program source is not the actual password value needed to open the file.

To take full advantage of these features we recommend installing All Options of CoolSpools Version 7.  Existing CoolSpools sites should apply the latest Version 7 fix pack to make use of the new Excel password protection command.

as400 xmlas400 pdfas400 excelconvert spool to excelconvert spool to pdfrpg xmliseries pdfiseries xmlsystem i excel

Posted on November 03, 2015at 11:45 am

Communication in the modern world – converting iSeries files to xml

world imageCommunication has always been key to development, strategy, progress and indeed survival, but in the modern world individuals and organisations alike often suffer from communication overload. That is why it is increasingly important that information is filtered and delivered to the recipient in a meaningful and relevant way. Converting important data from your iSeries system to be shared across intranets, the world wide web and elsewhere requires a flexible file format. CoolSpools (http://www.coolspools.com/) has been developed to facilitate the conversion of iSeries spool files and database files to XML and a variety of formats including Excel, CSV, HTML, TXT, RTF and fully searchable PDFs.

Why xml?

xmlXML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. XML is a flexible, open and powerful way to help you exchange information among diverse platforms and applications, geographic boundaries and businesses. XML is widely touted as a key component in the solution to the problem of information exchange between applications and within BtoB environments. XML is simple, extensible and, best of all, nonproprietary.

In order for your applications to work with XML content, you need an XML parser. An XML parser is a set of APIs that assist in the creation, navigation (retrieval) or modification of XML document content. CoolSpools removes the need of a parser to create XML from your data from spool files and database files.

CoolSpools Spool Converter and Database

spool converterThe CoolSpools Spool Converter and Database products have been installed across the globe, providing our customers with a simple and reliable system to convert data from their iSeries spool files and database files. CoolSpools runs only on IBM iSeries servers, without the need of a PC.
To see what they think of our CoolSpools software solutions take a look at our testimonial section on our website, where you will find a selection of genuine comments from a range of our customers /Testimonials.htm. You can download CoolSpools for a no-obligation 30-day free trial from /cooldown.phpmake life easier

For further information on how you could implement the CoolSpools software to convert your iSeries files to into xml format then email sales@ariadnesoftware.co.uk or phone and speak to one of our experts directly on + 44 (0)1625 547962.